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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Orchestrate From the Pen

I orchestrate from the pen

Pulling the lyrical content

That lies dormant within

I build a masterpiece

Something that makes people believe

And want to read and never end

I spark my lyrical art

which pleases the soul

Only I don’t know how much

It affects the world until I'm told.

I couldn’t be anything thing else

So I showed them I could

Be anything in their wildest dreams

As long as I keep writing

I can manifest my dreams into reality.

I orchestrate from the pen

Pulling my soul to forefront

I give it to you like no other can

Making some think I’m more than a man

But I am nothing more than what I am

I freestyle a line in no time

And leave my audience applauding to the end

I tell you the truth poetry comes with ease

Putting tears to the eyes of many.

I orchestrate from the pen

Pulling out my soul which lies

asleep within my heart

I awake it with a spark

I write lyrical art like

I am the lyrical Vincent Van Gogh

But I am like no other before

Pulling from the depths of my soul

I orchestrate from the pen.

Leaving my audience cheering until the


Nick Ade The Poet © 2010


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