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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am a Phoenix

I am not worthy of her presence.
I am not worthy of her kiss.
I thank God for her smile
because it brings light
to my darkness.
While I’m alone I think
about nothing but you.
I want nothing more in life
than to be at her side
until the end of time.

I will never run out
of words to say
because I’m in love
and love knows no time
and my spirit can’t
contemplate demise
because God opened
my eyes long ago to the truth
that my spirit is eternal
and I want to spend it
eternally with you.

I’ve searched for the reason
To why I’m hurting.
Prayed many nights
For the will to fight another day
In the end it was all the same.
Wanted to end it all
Because no one
cared if I fall.
Then I saw that
smile on her face.
Now like the phoenix
I can fly another day.
I’ll fly high into the sky
With her smile as my plane.

I nearly went insane
That’s until God blessed me
with the girl of my dreams.
I have so much soul
That the world doesn’t know
how to hold me.
but it means nothing
without her in my arms.

They told me who I was
but they never really knew.
Girl I’m telling you now
I’ll give it all to you.
Then you can tell them
the truth about me
but regardless I want
you as my girl for all eternity.

Learn to see, that I’m not
Changing only gaining
Experiences as I go.
But I don’t want to
Go no mo unless
She’s in my world.

Line after line, poem after poem.
But all the words could not
express the truth about
the way I feel about you.
Nothing would compare
to three little words;

I_ Love_ You.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2010


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