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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guillotine Of Love

[George Ade]

I take comfort knowing the truth.
The truth is I know nothing
but I see everything in you.
What can I say, what should I do?
Who can I trust when love
Is like a guillotine cutting my
head from my body
leaving me mindlessly
in love with you.
My life is like a
fire storm of strife
but the cool sensation of your kiss
saves me from my fate
me turning into a loveless
Bar-B-Que crisp.
I exist to be a poet
but I can’t go on
without you by my side.
I’ve been blind for so long
and now I see like A,B,C
we are meant to be.

[Carol Cane]

How can I be when
I cannot be the one
you thought you knew?
Yes we fell hard
on the rock ever
flowing with hope
denied by my existence.
I could not let go of what
I held for so long.
as I longed for comfort
I found you staring
right through me.
what I held never was how
I felt empty as I fabricated
my purpose sing me the words
that once melted my being.
I have loved many none compared.
how I am self destructed
by the thoughts of you
that could never be.
Reality salutes you as defeat
surrenders to its master.
All that is left are these
forgotten memories

Written by;
George Ade' & Carol Cane © 2010


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