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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I am Forever

Guided through this school
of hard knocks and ruff drops
only to rise to another obstacle
i’ve fought to hard to ever stop
I am a slave to the pages
i’ll be writing for ages
but for ages you gonna remember me
my pen is my sail to prevail
I am similar to dream
as soft as the clouds I sleep
but i’m sharp like a sword
I cut into my enemies
the world is already judging me
and I ain’t shown em a piece
when I will get get a piece
let alone peace on these cold streets?
nothing below me could ever hold me
yet the Devil speaks in tongues
to make me think I am nothing

I don't care about money.
I don't care about fame
but imma do what do to maintain
I don't care about what anybody says.
The only thing that's important to me is poetry
and showing the world that I am somebody
who could never be dropped or stopped
Never broken by the weak because I am ghost
You couldn't touch what you couldn't see

Lyrically I am king.
But yall don't know the truth about me
So forever I'm forced to stay true to me
I am a brother enlightened by the darkness.
But I shine forever Divine let an artist
Never knowing time because
I am Diamond... Forever
Never had a piece so don’t blame me
when I take what I was owed
the only way I could show you was
to put this lyrical smoke to you
similar to marijane I’m insane
let my chronic take you away
I’m the haze that lingers lyrically
on your pages for ages spiritually

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010


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