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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Power To The Pen

He doesn't exist in this world
And so he twists and he twirls
Into his own personal dimension
Not interested in this existence
He listens to his heart so that
He may expel the light to his lyrical art
in a world that stays hidden in the dark
with every stroke of the pen
He gathers a sense of inspiration
As he delves deeper into his own imagination 
The world looks at him as if he’s crazy
But they don’t understand that his mind                                      
Is not of this land with pen in hand
He sets ablaze the page using his pen
to create a color pallet never to be believe
lyrically His pen is mightier than any weapon
More closer to a nuclear explosion
His lyrical dosage leaves you spell bound
Like a blood hound searching the ground
for the one that tries to flee into the night
he stays out of sight gathering the mysteries to life
 some might Call him Sherlock Holmes
Continually searching for the unknown
He simply calls himself blue’s clues
Understanding the unseen world hidden from you
He strikes like a thief in the night
the only difference is that
He sparks the light every time he writes
Never taking a thing because he
possess more than what could be expected
leaving the world to second guess
the madness that is his method
never did he have a real place to call home
so he continually creates one from the top of his dome
until it is time to return to his own dimension 
you can expect him to use his instrument
to lyrically give you a preview
of the divinity from within
Power To The Pen!!

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011


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