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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Poet & The Pen

The friends we've made
The friends we've lost
The days that past
The smiles we've brought
ashes to ashes Dust to dust 
but our fellowship outlast.
Our memory never forgotten

Even when our bodies decay. 
Only a silhouette of our former glory 
A shadow on the Earth
never seen to those that cheer.
Spiritually accepted, Physical ignored 
We are mightier than the sword
We've opened the doors
To true existence and in an instant
We brought peace.
through poetry we speak

At last we became friends 
a bond that could never end
through the hardships and sins
the ink I've spilled never to be replaced again
we saw it all never to fall 
to the same mistake twice
ever growing with each day
but it's like a roll of the dice
never knowing our final demise. 

We've mastered poetry
Now it comes easier than breathing.
the people we've seen
the things we've experienced 
the lives we've touched 
with one stroke of the poetic brush
We could never truly separate
But now we part ways only to say farewell 
we’ll always be together 
no matter how much 
they try to break us 
the facts are clear and the truth is here
we will always be together

our symbiotic relationship
we mesh together better than PB&J
you are my form of breathing
I am the physical spirit 
Guiding you to the poetic depths
We show them the God within.
Our oneness is the greatest 
never separated or replicated
always together until the end.
The Poet and The Pen.

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010



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