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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Better Person

If I am to be a better person tomorrow
I must be a better within this day
I said it once before; they can’t break
What they didn’t create yet I know
Day after day I’ve destroyed myself
Unable to face the man in the mirror
At times feeling inferior to my own supremacy 
My Untitled capabilities gone unseen 
in this world  of Nightmares & dreams
I must believe if I set to achieve a semblance of inner peace
The man in the mirror is my greatest enemy 
Yet I am still standing commanding my own life
Similar to a fire burning throughout the night
I have yet to subside,  still I rise to another day
Fueled by the pain I use to sustain my being for eternity 
Love unconditionally is the only thing I choose to reach

If I am to be a better person tomorrow
I must be a better person today for the mirror to reflect
I must fight my inner temptations to just say fuck it
Stuck in this life of sin so I guess I’ll make 
The best of this bullshit I’ve been handed 
I am the rose that expanded my pedals wide
Growing up in this world of sin trapped in the whirlwind
I had to continue to fight for my right to live
So that I could have a chance to see & fulfill my destiny 
For It is purpose that created me not the definitions you put on me
It is not pain that will delete me or what you thought I’d be
blessed with the very breath in my lungs the battle 
wages on and strong no matter how long it goes
I stay on my toes, bobbing and weaving my foes 
until my time is up and i'm ready to go for the title 
a better man for tomorrow built upon todays borrowed time

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012


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