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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Perfection is my Being

Perfection is my being
Weather seen or unseen
The smiles the tears my heart
Growing with either love or fear
With all that is forever uncertain
one thing is evident & clear
perfection is my being

perfection is my being
lyrically reigning supreme
forever loved or forever judged
regardless, I’m never faded
by the ones that do not witness
perfection is my being

perfection is my being
my soul filled with either
the warmth of unity & life
or the cold lonely presence of death
regardless I step in any direction
for the sands of time are mine
to carve out my own destiny
perfection is my being

Perfection is my being
Because my creator can do
nothing less than perfection
I, In his image but nothing
Without all the lifelong experience
But even in death I will continue to step
For perfection is my being

A bird does not ask why it flies
A dog doesn’t question its bark
If I think therefore I am
There’s no need for me to question
What God created me to be
For perfection is truly my being

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011


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