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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Don't Cry

Why do you cry?

why do you lose sleep at night?

I see passion in your soul

undiscovered because your eyes

stay out of sight hidden in the night

making what would seem real

not so close to the true reality

don't lose sleep and never weep

your living in my dream because

I see your true beauty

every time I rest in peace

even when the world sees nothing

you are something never replicated

they may hate it but stay elevated

to the sky I fly high

you are my sail to the wind

as I sit in my boat to float

allowing me to discover anew

land when the world had no clue

shooting to the stars even when

my destiny was simply the moon

don't cry because you are

a princess in my dream

and all this dream knows

is peace with you and me : )

 George Nicholas Ade' © 2010


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