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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When Will We Awaken?


Our children plead for an opportunity as taxes
are raised on many of our struggling families
gas, and groceries rising just as quickly as
the many men & women are incarcerated daily
we search for a way to quantify our existence
through all forms of religion to help us understand
the reason for living in a world so false visually
yet no one can assure us of anything when
at every level, corruption and greed seep
through the fabric of our infrastructure

no, I am not my brother’s keeper
but if change doesn’t happen quick
I fear I may not have a brother to speak
We as a people are suffering from the sickness
Our societies slowly crumble beneath our feet
Yet politicians can only debate & delegate
While we the people face the storm bankers created
Who deserves to be on the chopping block?
As we wonder when the bleeding will ever stop

Can Obama give us a way to change or are we simply
Delusional to the problems we currently face
Democrats & Republicans can’t be trusted
As the country we love so much continues
Rustin, the pipes bursting, bridges crumbling
I want a society where every child can be promised
The opportunity for some form of college education
yet war is what my nation is funding for its own
selfish elevation towards more profit and greed

I ask again as I continue pondering when will
The bleeding cease or do we need a revolution
For the world to see that we can no longer
Continue this false American dream of supremacy
When the U.S.A has fallen in grade to many other
industrialized nations surpassing us in science, education,
communications, dying because of the derogation
the true question is; when will we consciously awaken?

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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