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Sunday, April 15, 2012



Disillusioned by the confusion
To set with the inability to expect.
What’s left when nothing’s right?
Coincide or die was the reply
When I asked the simple question why.
Why must I conform to the norms
Of society when they lied to me?
Underhanded so I expanded
my creative thoughts.
But if another visionary soul
Decided to think outside the box
Would he be another victim
of a gunshot to the chest?
What’s left to expect when
I exceeded all expectations?
One man alone in a large nation
Full of animosity towards others.
The hypocrisy of our society.
What truly is within yourself
When others need help and you
turn the other cheek?

Disillusioned, full of confusion
Because there is no other solution.
Ignorance will be our final resting place
Until we see the day that self is destruction.
The disruption from the corruption
Corporations have a Kung Fu grip
On our pockets but watch when
Someone says enough of it…
That same someone will soon be dead.
God where is my spiritual bread?
I’ve eaten enough of the physical
Now I’m still hungry come dinner time.
So in this world I will continue to
Search for the meaning to why I’m hurting.
But the answer is so clear
Something is absent
There is no love here.

Nick Ade' Poet © 2010



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