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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trust the Passion


Feel me as I flow these lyrical words that go
Further than all time & space as we race together 
Without leaving a trace of what we’ve left behind
Follow me to embrace these feelings I express as we grind
Towards the future as we together climb higher with 
the pen on the page journeying deeper into my mind
To find that I’m so proficient with these lines

Seek the truth through my eyes to define 
What can’t otherwise be described without first 
going deep inside to feel the magic that is alive 
Don’t doubt me because authentic is all I bring
As I wipe the tears falling from your cheeks
Now you know you’re the only woman born for me 
Coursing through you like viral disease spreading 
Through Your entire body as I release the passion in me

Call me the Illuminati because I subliminally
Reach deep into your subconscious to lead
You on a journey that can’t be easily justified
Once you begin to realize it was all simply a dream unseen
As we now awaken with the use of trees to calm our minds
Look deeper into my eyes to understand my soul inside

tell me what’s real verses a lie as you begin to think
is everything based on what your mind tells what’s right
Or are these words that I’ve spilled more physical 
than the world you’ve always known as less spiritual 
Before we’re all dead and gone, I cast a stone
In the river of life flowing ever long to ripple the effects
Of my presence now reduced to mere ashes & dust
The one thing forever outlasting as we begin to rust
are our dreams now solidified by our eternal trust 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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