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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Forever Entranced By You

From the moment I got a look
You took my heart & had me hooked
From the very start Now there is 
no possible way we can ever part ways
I remain entranced call me your slave
How is it possible God could create
Such beauty for me to witness with
My simple eyes as I continue to visualize 
You remain in my mind until the end of time
The fire inside ignites when you kiss me at night
You light my soul which was once filled with
No semblance of hope as I slowly continued to go
In a world so lonely and cold without a coat 
You warmed my heart & soul giving me 
a true place to call home so I would never feel alone
Unknown is the future but my destiny is true
I could never image a “me” without a “you”
The feelings I have are the truth even if you
Really never really have a clue of the love 
I currently have for you, I have no other solution
But to be forever entrance by your superior beauty
So sue me if loving you is wrong, God forgive me 
For I chose to never be right again do you 
feel what I’m sayin as I continue creatin,
 chapter after chapter in my book of rhymes 
You inspire me to create the lines that define 
The feelings inside my mind, influenced by my eyes
You had me from the start, now I choose to 
forever spend the rest of my life with you.
 Forever I am entranced by the divine beauty of you.  

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011



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