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Friday, April 20, 2012

Poetic Justice


[Nick Ade The Poet]
Stronger than the average, Outlastin the average
A fuckin savage with these lyrics I’ve masterfully crafted
Call me the alchemist who molds words into masterpieces
Poetically sleepin in my dreams not touched by reality
Casually awakening to this society simply to bring
All these many words out visually to your eyes
so you may read my passion dwelling deep inside
Loving my life one hardship at a time to experience
All the pains, the joys, and the cries that come with
All these emotions I provide a story never running dry
My eyes open to the skies that reflect the depth of my mind
Deeper than a coal mine as I load these words I find
Within the solace of my heart beating to the tune
Of my rhythmic beat drumming with the pen I leak
The ink of my lyrical poetry as I continue strumming
my hands on this page I create a lyrical showcase
as I lay a verse to say what can’t be otherwise displayed
never to be erased as I’m chased in the grim reapers haste

[Robert Gibbons]
And yet being stronger than average
does not matter to the hater or the faker
to those who decide that my words are not
justice that my words are not for them
those spooks who sit by the door of entrance
those inhibitors those limiters the ones
that look at me and judge me the ones
begrudge me but I am not about to stop this flow
there is too much more to know do you hear me
I want you to fear me I am a beast at least you know
I am equipped sipping from the divine worth of gods
because it started in antiquity your trite is mere iniquity
so I say be gone you are alien and sedition this is premonition
it is just passion it is the cashing in of the ancestors
the one that baptize me in chrism died so I can live
it is holy ghost running warm in my veins it is the utmost
that makes me not ashamed so here I am clothed
and I am carrying I am bold and I am burying these
doubts about my worth this is a berth of a new son

[Nick Ade The Poet]
Fingers strumming the tides like the sun that rises
The waves of energy coursing through my mind
Supplied by my inner soul produced by the light
Poetry is the byproduct of the feelings inside
I live & die at the same time I’m elevated high
Torn between the imagination and reality I sit in-between
As my fingers bleed the story unveiled through my scripture
Pulling the mental picture dwelling deep in my psyche
I preach textually the keys to my mind as I bind my pen & soul
Opening the doorway to what has yet to be fully known
Gone are the tears, the fears, now it remains all clear
Yet I’m similar to a deer in the headlights, it remains so bright
So I’m lyrically bracing my mind for the words to come flooding
The mental gates opening now I build slowly as I mold, shape,
erase a masterpiece I’ve now created with my instrument
outliving the hands that once crafted the poem into creation

[Robert Gibbons]
and yes I am living the everlasting plastering
these lyrics steering these feeling
from the beginning to the ending
from the bending of the curves to
the heard of the voices they come
they speak they peak this time of year
its mine it mind over matter it is the shatter
of the stereotype its ignoring the hype its
deploring the trite that comes to steal the joy
till the noise its a new day in this etymology
its phrenology its the cosmology of community
its the blogging of the fog its the toil and the tiller
its the word and the healer I am saved I am redeemed
its a newness encompass me it only because I believe

Written by;
Nick Ade' The Poet
& Robert Gibbons © 2012



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