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Thursday, April 5, 2012

~take my hand as we fly~


Take a trip with me lyrically 
Where I can take you higher spiritually
To a new world unknown dimensionally 
come with me to my domain where time
doesn't exist and the ecstasy erases your name
where fame and legend merge like the heavens
steppin deeper into my mind’s eye touching
the stratosphere making all of existence clear 
fearing not death as we veer into eternity  
steering away from the chains or normality
stranger than a hanging abstract painting 
stretching our psyche just remember it’s me 
don’t worry because you’ll understand once
this ecstasy uplifts you from your flesh as we test
the limits of our consciousness now one with
all the universe guided by my words that merge
us into one mystical being called poetry soulfully 
I kiss you passionately like I’ve never kissed before
Open your doors so I may explore what once was
Never heard of before by any other that dared 
To tap into your core to gather what can’t be ignored

Take a trip with me lyrically 
Unmatched by all my contemporaries 
Who can only stare at my masterpiece as I guide
Us on the roller coaster ride towards eternity 
Learning more as we rise where the heavens reside 
I possess the keys to the world above our minds
Yet beneath our very feet, the only question as I reach
To grasp your hand as I leap from the balcony 
Is a simple statement… do you trust me?
I bleed poetry from my hands as I expand 
Upon the once blank page filling it Para graphically 
The passion lying dormant turned on like a switch
I predict what hasn’t even been noticed 
Close your eyes to see the greater matrix
Encircling our spirits connecting our minds 
Tap into me like a search engine to find a new dimension 
Where I can begin to give you all you need to live
Without need to require any sustenance live off my passion
Don’t ever be too materialistic because what I posses
Can’t be erased or eroded so gifted with these lyrics
I am the prince that once was incoherent now 
My only question is a simple one… do you feel it….

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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