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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poetic Recipe

I breathe and eat poetry like a gourmet recipe
Shitting lyrical delights of the mind for desert
Perched over the canvas as I’m ready to burst
The Mona Lisa with my verse every time I’m inspired
By the picture in my mind unhindered by time
It’s only when I write that I escape without sight
To a new realm where poetry is the light of day
And the darkness of the night at the same time
Shadowing as I grind my way like a caveman
Who discovered the power of fire by a lighting strike
I might just explode to a world unknown as Mary Jane
releases with her smoke all semblance of pain from my bones
I gain a new understanding by the end I’m panting
Cramping my hands as I continue mentally expand I’m
Forever commanding the page like I was the master
Of a runaway slave named kunta kinte
The pen ever heavy I continue lyrically expressing
Enlightening like a kite that I’m guiding in skies
Pressing the blood of my tears making it all clear
A silence impenetrable to ears but near enough
To know that my lyrics are dear to my soul emerging
Like black gold the petroleum that keeps the spokes
On the wheels that go round and round in my heart
Thumping to the beat that heats my body from
The cold of living daily in a world that knows
No understanding of a creative mind like mine
Poetry is the only sustenance I need to sustain my grind

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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