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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poetry is my escape


I’m always trying to garner success with 
my every breath mastering my God given talent
Yet talent is not a promise in this society
as I continue exploding lyrically 
Unloadin all these words spiritually
as I keep unfolding my passion
Word Playin, slayin these lyrics 
into submission stroking my pen like a 
instrument the page is my violin in this 
life of eternal sin and forgiveness

Trapped in the wind of my 
silence lyrically blidin your eyes
I must stay focused on my mission 
to realize my wings to fly into fruition
Guided by my own mental intuition 
bobbin and weaving to dodge 
the bullshit to stay from trippin when
life leaves me bleedin from bullshit
I’m seeing reality for what it really is
lies at all sides so I must open my eyes 
to the dreams of my eternal mind
Building each line one symbol at a time 
as I grind the pencil on the page to define

Hated but never faded in a world 
Continually replicated by the fakes
Always stayin authentic to stay 
from erodin in the ocean of critics 
Oversaturated by my potion 
poetically gifted elevated now Lifted
from the desert of insufferable cries 
an oasis found when I begin to write

Can God provide a key to the doorway
Locked as I walk the staircase to eternal life
Until I find a way to finally escape 
the Grim Reapers deadly fate
I must always do what I’ve done 
gettin better to never be erased
by the void of darkness in my haste 
Like wine I become more divine with time
Until the end I just gotta take the lackluster cards 
I’ve been dealt with to win in this life of sin
maybe by the end I’ll be known as a legend 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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