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Monday, April 16, 2012

Articulating love in a storm


Kisses to her neck
as I take her very breath
a long lasting love this is
what once was released
now comes back to my hands
gracefully, I dance lyrically
with her on my mind all the time
I am the one and only king
yet a slave as she continues
to enslave my heart, my very soul
she holds what has never been possessed 
I hold in my heart a love few will ever know
but what is my love without her in my life?
how could I ever survive another night
without her by my side until the daylight?
This cancerous disease is killing me
living so long without a true woman
I label her my Nefertiti..... but who is she truly?
I may never truly know that answer
so this loveless cancer continues
consuming me without a possibility
of any recovery unless I can express
what is it she does to me mentally
physically I may never be the greatest visually
hopefully she can be the one that can
truly see me for me spiritually
nothing more nothing less, what's next
she may never be able to expect
but she knows what it truly is
true love at last from an outcast
a poet with the lyrical ability to articulate
all his feeling into writing so she may see
just who I truly am without doubt
or need for any second questioning
No I am not God, but put faith in me
truly you are the most beautiful woman
I have ever seen, you know what I mean?
I now label you, now and forever
my one and only Queen.... Nefertiti
but will she take that seriously?
only time will tell, as I continue
to expel my lyrical delights to her
she remains on my mind even when
her physical is out of sight
until the end of time I will continue
to charm her with lyrical delights....
one day she might be with me
until then, I forever put faith in a higher being.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011



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