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Friday, July 20, 2012

Dream of a Dream


I want to sleep within the depth of a dream
A dream so real it regenerates me fully
Calling it life but no one’s fooling me, please
Regenerate me to my peak where I can
begin spiritually taking on anything presented to me
Now I’m truly ready for the true reality beneath my sheets
as if to pass casually awaking to conquer everything
Mentally I dream of worlds not yet mapped
No definite or exact location geographically
I want to exist where the border meets
Between two realities created just for me
Where all that is seen is all that is witnessed
Discovery of something new every time my eyes lifted
Where only one statement I could make to my peer is
Do you feel this? As we Dream, don’t scream
Imagine, and explore all possible ventures
Life is that dream and I pass through every door
Even when no one thought I’d be here before
Now everyone can witness the world I created
My world predated the dates of any copy written statement
A world where I am a star without need of a fancy car
The world I created in my mind defines the person
You once thought you really knew all your lives
Yet I’ve painted this picture my entire life to your surprise
Now may I present it fully to all of your eyes?
Poetically writing the autobiography that survives
All erosions within the mighty sands of time
Yet the hour glass fills by father time until its time
to flip the picture and move on with my literature

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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