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Friday, July 20, 2012

Cobwebs of the Mind


Cobwebs in my inner mind
Fill the ceiling as I try to find
A way to express that which
Is so hard to say with words
Cleaning out the mental clutter before
It begins to grow like mold on my very soul
I’ve heard of many stories told
The young and the old who’ve beheld
Many obstacles that threatened it all
So before I ever fall I’ll make sure
Not to listen to them all but enough
To make my own intelligent calls
Have you heard of me recently?
Yea the world may easily speak constantly
Of truth yet silence penetrates deep
Yet not with the clarity of my poetry
I am the moon in the sky shining
Even in daylight although harder to find
It is in the silence of the darkest nights
That I shine so bright as if I was
Never really all that hard to find
I reminisce like the paint that drips
Or the kiss to a virgins lips, so sweet
Shielding you from the heat like a breeze
That one may need when no liquid
Can quench your thrust adequately
I am a poetic being that goes so deep
In the end I ask those that read
A simple statement, can you feel me?

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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