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Monday, July 30, 2012

Got me wondering why


Lord hear my cries as I wonder why
A nigga gotta live to die every night
Opening my eyes to the sunrise
As I watch my currency slowly multiply
Another day another grind always
Trying to find a way to live elevated
But I’m steady situated in the cut making
The choices I wish I wouldn’t have  
Can a much higher power forgive me
Before it’s my final time to breathe
Begging for forgiveness for the way I’ve lived
my life Straying so far away from the light
In order to move like the shadows that hide
Me like a deadly disguise to my enemies eyes
Striking like a cobra before I devour them alive
Now I got them all wondering why the world
turned dark before the sun could set
still I feel an emptiness inside so I smoke some sour
To feel lifted for at least a moment before i'm gone again
returning to my eternal grind some label it suicide
because why else would one want to live
a self destructive life time after time
I simply reply, it’s always been on my mind
Running these streets not even bothering
To search for peace because at the end
Of the day peace will never feed a growling tummy
The world has me stumbling yet I never fall
Walking tall amongst them all yet I fill
The solitary lane that has called upon me
Moving like a lone wolf hunting for something
To feed this hunger driving me crazy mentally
But I never knew defeat because I know
That somebodies gonna get it before me
All I can do is plead at the end of this journey
called life that God can forgive me for mine
as I’m always left wonder why  we gotta die…

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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