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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Temptress


Passionate are the desires within my being
Deep are these dreams that consume my reality
Long have I waited to be closely entranced by
A small dosage of the temptresses  potent potion
Her scent begins pulling me in this forward motion
toward the location of the temptress that rest
unawaken to the disruption of my presence
I hunt for a mystery that lies in obvious disguise
Yet I cannot deny the fact that temptations grasp
With such a force I feel the need to collapses
Yet this ecstasy has me uplifted to cloud nine
As she awaken to find that I’m now entrapped
Her body is all I crave as I become her slave
To this heavenly home she has made so far away
From these hard hitting streets she comforts me
Yet I fall back to reality where the cycle continues
Spinning deeper without any sign of winning
I live by this passion everlasting any logical explanation
Complete calamity is my entirety from surface
To the less unseen deeper than eyes penetrating
I’ve found the temptress and she pulls upon all my senses
She has surely sparked all my deepest of interests
Now it has become near impossible to rest without
Stress in preparation of the anticipation of our separation
Only to again be entrapped by the shadowy webs of
the Temptress

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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