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Friday, December 21, 2012

My true Love


Where does my true love reside
 It’s both in my heart & my inner mind
You don’t need a magnifying glass to find
You’ll find real love in all my poetic lines
Where my rhymes mesh like wine & grapes
Take a taste of all my inner most desires & pains
Like an obvious stain forever molded to my soul
It grows like a cancer only cured by expression
So I evoke what provokes my hands to show
Lyrically on the canvas with the passion I've exposed

Where does my true love reside
Look no further than the depths in my eyes
Inside my mind where time doesn't confine
My written lines are crafted like a train ride
Taking you where the essence of my life resides
Despite the river that flows forever & ever long
I float without need of any boat to able to flow
I’m lyrically clean without any need of a bar of soap
My true love grows like a song that never ends
So I continue to dispense until I’m ready to rinse
my emotions on the page now solidified into existence

Where does my true love reside
Read in between my lines to find the spine
Where the network connects to my mind
I grind my pencil on this page to create
What can never be erased or dared replicated
My poetry is as sweet as a mothers kiss
As real as the violence that currently exists
Like a prophecy I can predict the untold future
I mold a picture from my scripture bask in my theater
My soul is an experience that I can take you on
Just follow me on this long road until I’m physically gone
Just allow my words to live on like an old tradition
Where my true love will reside for all of existence

Where does my true love reside
Well look into the darkest night where
You’ll be able find the heavenly skies above
Where those stars shine their majestic light
I gather my inspiration from their energies
I release mentally as I seek out new words to preach
I possess the keys to take you higher without wings
Let me elevate your very being lyrically into new galaxies
My true love resides in the garden of light forever bright
Like a slice of apple pie I sustain your poetic appetite

Where does my true love reside
Like the innocence inside a child’s eyes
The smiles that bring the essence to life
I create the words that ring telepathically calling out
To those who read like your hearing me speak
Even when I’m nowhere in reach physically
I communicate diligently until you’re feeling me
Then I leave you with one more lasting memory
That breaths life even when I’m done publishing
Poetically my love resides where life will never die
 Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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