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Friday, December 14, 2012

Forever Loved by The Poet


Your beauty is truly something to witness In an instant
I can infinitely be amazed by who you are
your mind is intoxicating driving me deeper into
the deepest depths of the girl I hold forever close
hard as it may be to gain your love & sensitivity
I would never want to leave your side because
You are what a man seeks but may never find
In his whole entire lifetime in this lonely life
Why must we fight why can’t I express to you
The feelings I have at night when the only thing
On my mind is holding you forever tight
in the night until sunrise I'd love you dispite
our many days away because truthfully
You are an amazing human being with the Strength
I honestly need to succeed and conquer any enemy
With you by my side I truly believe I would never die
But the harshness of your existence made you a cynic
I truly only want to be a friend try and understand
That I am simply a man with not a clue how to posses
The greatest woman I've ever witnessed you are my queen
Allow me to submit to your inner beauty and bask
In the greatness that makes me question
if I am worthy Of this love we share together
If I am a bird you are my feathers allow me to fly
Our unity is truly impossible to describe
But in my mind I have exactly the words to say
Allow me to cater to your inner beauty
Allow me to praise you from head to toe
And let you know that you are forever beautiful
Allow me to give you a kiss when you feel loveless
And remind you that I am the prince of romance
Allow me to put you in a trance of extreme emotion
Ecstasy is what I promise I’ll bring if only you allow
Me to delve deep into your soul as we explode
No judgment in my eyes because I am entranced
By your essence the only question I have is will
You allow me to be a friend until the very end
I am not your enemy so please forgive me
Lets embrace this blessing and ride this
Bitch until the very end hand in hand
Me and the woman I love in this life of sin.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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