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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Black is Beautiful [Inspired by Sarah 'Sista K' Ke...


Are they intemidated by my dark skin
or could it be my inner passion 
expressed with my proficient lyrics 
striking similar to a sword
forever slashing as i continue 
drilling deeper into your cerebellum 

are they afraid for me to believe
that the tone I was given isn't truly a blessing?
that I can't be more than what they think I should be
that the only way for me to achieve  is for me
to know how to shoot a three In the NBA
they got me questioning why God made me black
but in the end I know the truth 
becasue God knew I could handle it
I can be what ever want to be
We already got a Black president so I know
we have the power to achieve anything

are they intimidated  by the tone of my skin?
for so many years they've tried
to convince me that i am subhuman
So i'm throwin up the middle finger to the wrold
and telling them it's just the way it is
and no matter what you say
you ain't changen the color of my skin

Are scared of what I could be?
giving me less than ideal situations in this life I lead
forcing the monster in me to be seen
then pointing a finger at me
as if I am the problem in this society 
The hate you give fucks everybody
so i'm screamin T.h.u.g Li.f.e
as I continue to live my life
I refuse to allow you to lie to me
no matter what they say to try and degrade me
I 'm Black and i'm proud to be.

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011


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