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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Poet & The Pen [Part 2]

The Poet & The Pen [Part 2]

We bleed through similar veins
Through similar strains of the same blood line
The stains from the pain as we tried to find
A semblance of peace in these wicket streets
 a truth written within the lies they speak
searching for paradise away from the strife
unseen is the soul hidden within the flesh and bones
the pinnacle of our perfection are our lyrics
forever hidden from the light
in the darkness we weep only
to rise like optimus prime, we shine
like we are posed by the divine
our weapon more lethal than any Nine
with one mind in place we set to create a masterpiece
that can’t be overlooked by even the blind
some call us a poet, some call us a friend
but in the end you may label me a student
and my partner the mighty pen
in this hard knock life many lessons learned
hearts broken and many dreams burned
yearning for a better way to recover from the pain

We breathe with similar breaths
We step to a similar beat
unique is our mind, deep are our dreams
We live like there is a tomorrow
Because today can't be all that we see
Visualizing the unseen with every written line
Defining who we are with the lyrical art
All I need in this life of sin Is me and my pen
We are the definition of Lyrical expression
We are the light to the darkness
Sparking the passion lying dormant
Creating lyrical recipes like we
 are George Foreman on a grill
lyrical nurishing your appitite the better we write
when you look at me tell what it is you see?
if all you see is me, then you’ve not witnessed
the truth forever written within my soul
the truth is; I am one, the Poet and the Pen

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011


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