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Thursday, March 15, 2012

tempo to my life


The tempo to my life is like a merry go ride
No matter how hard I try and evade the lines
I sit forever in place filling up another page as I write
I always return to the same place I once attempted
to leave behind as I race faster towards the horizon
yet I know I can never escape what keeps me in sync
What forever encircles me in entirety from my head to my feet
What keeps me in tune to this lyrical beat
Are the words that keep on consoling me
No matter how far I continue running
In my ever elusive attempt to escape
I gravitate towards the heat from the fires radiating
I bathe in the essence of poetry consuming me
My passionate melody with the thoughts that
Protrude from my mind’s eye as I attempt to define
Provoking me to yet again complete another line
In my book of poetic rhymes which can never
be finished yet I continually complete what
remains unfinished as the hour glass continues filling
Until what’s left is all that is spilling from my grave
A message that can never be erased from the archives
Of my poetic life filled with a mixture of strife
And sweet essence of my lyrical delights
I’m ever spinning in place no matter how fast I race
I can always trace what I thought I once escaped
Back to the page where I attempt to evaluate
What forms in my mind’s eye to be completed
yet never publicized simply archived in the sands of time
The tempo to my life is like a merry go ride

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012


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