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Friday, March 16, 2012

Never Cry Again

I’ll never choose to cry again for my sins
I’ll just keep my pen forever flowin the blood
Of my lyrics revealing why I choose to write
As I Slowly subside all pains that reside within
Each line of mine is filled with the greatest passion alive
Each line I craft reveals the truth to your eyes
Inside we weep for our deepest hidden tragedies
So we Hide our flaws from this society Knowing
that we can see what no ones can see In the mirror
more efficiently than the person currently visualizing
That curtain of illusions is all we need to keep
society from accurately judging us to clearly
The story book so precious for only one to keep
Archiving all of our life experiences in our library
never seen unless revealed to peak upon for clarity
I use it to masterfully expel lyrically the blueprint
To all that troubles me mentally or spiritually
Consciously putting more soul into my pencil
Than any artificial remedy… except maybe weed
I’ll never choose to cry again in this life of sin
You’ll never catch me at any hour, day, or week
I’ll just keep my poetry forever close to me
Only stopping to lyrically reveal all my demons
 Who I conquer with my mighty lyrical supremacy
In the end, I’ll never choose to cry before I end
I’ll repent with the most indefinite
Definition to my greatest tribulations
Life has undeniably hit me without question
Yet forever I’m writing until I’m dead in my grave rustin

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012


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