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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Line At A Time


Misguided as a youth as I wondered for a truth
Yearned for a simple solution to a greater issue
Feeling as if it where critical to express through
My pencil as I gave color to the darkness within
Trapped forever in this whirl wind of life steppin
With one foot ahead, one day at a time always
On my grind overshadowing the man I left behind
In the dust as I physically rust in the sands of time
yet I spiritually grow more divine with every line

Living as an ancient soul within a young mind
Experiencing the pains that life has handed me by surprise
Opening my eyes as I slowly realize that every
Bit of darkness has some form of light unseen
How I interpret the world around me is for me
Now I give a bit of clarity with my use of poetry
To paint upon the canvas bestowed for me to complete
am I the person you see as the world judges me
or am I what makes me unique that one may cherish
For all eternity never forgetting that what I Created
Can never be recreated or replicated by any lyrically

I am the seed rising from the birth of my past
Grasping the future desperately to reach
A better way from all my past mistakes
My history forever filled with remnants
Of a brotha incoherent to the sways of change
Yet somehow I grow day by day at my own rate
I stand my place because ingrained in my soul
is a message to behold lyrically so I show
on the page consistently forever flowing like
the river of life one word, one line at a time.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012


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