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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The real man

With every glance at the mirror
I see it all more and more clearer
That at my exterior I remain Inferior
Not to what one might visualize with ease
No, my greatest flaws as a human being
Cannot be fully seen with mere eyes
What I’ve overcome in my life can’t be
evaluated unless I pull back the disguise
in my mind I’m out of control but with my
mighty pencil in hand, it is evident that I am
like a war hardened general filled with experience
my lyrical abilities consistently piercing through
the surface of the physical deeper than the tissue
touching the bones of all my underlying issues
my words hit harder than stones whether
on paper or in my very own mind as I criticize
what no one ever sees within the deepest
recesses of my mind culminating in my eyes
remaining hidden unless I pull back my disguise
and reveal that I am a man filled with many flaws inside
It is in the mirror where I can truly visualize
What few see within the depths of my mind
I remain in a constant battle to maintain
As I continue to erase yesterday shadow
Upon the futures today, always reaching
What I want to be only to then be trapped
By the present problems of my reality
As I continue my pathway overcoming
My greatest enemy and friend paradoxically
The real man in the mirror who remains unseen....

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012


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