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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I’m Still Standing

Born a black male in a living Hell
I was made to fail never to prevail
Battling to win in my ambition to excel
I can’t trust nobody but the man within
So I’m left trippin when I question
What the mirror represents as I search
For the best way to repent for all my sins
What’s recently been rushin throughout
my mind as I try to stay on my grind
through all these rough and rugged times
is a simple answers to all the Y’s in my life
as I fight the temptation to simply go blind
poetically providing a new line before
I publicize the message that inspires me to write
I wasn’t made in the image of man
No my image is that of the heavens
That's why I never question my abilities
For I know; no man can take this gift away from me
Never fearing death, or taxes,Time is all in your head
prepapre for the future at the present
its all of the essence as the hour glass fills
Love is all an illusion if one can’t love ones self
What else can I say when at the end of the day
The past is what made me a man today
Turning the pages of my life one poem at a time
Smoking the finest Mary Jane to take me away
I wasn’t born to be a slave so I keep my mind
Forever questioning what can’t be seen
Prevailing over each and every enemy that can’t see
that my life is already filled with defeat yet
anyone that approaches me can easily see
I’m Still Standing

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012


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