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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Preach


I preach words that creep deep
into your psyche like the nightmare on elm street
With words I purge what emerges from
adjectives and verbs as I use my hands
to methodically expand my consciousness
now in living color I am a living image
Can you follow me to the dark side
where dreams are made from our minds?
close your eyes as I ramble these words into form
as I preach poetically superb when I merge what I adorn
with ease, I am sweet like homemade tea made by a secret recipe
don't eat without first consuming a piece of me in your belly
chaining anything I think, on the page I speak eloquently
Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream yet no one
 is assassinating me because I live more infinitely than physically
through these lines I devise, I strive to relive each poem I write
Crafting lyrical delights like a chef on a grill.. I lyrically kill
I preach not to teach, not to reach, only to release as I heat
I keep each of my desires close in hand so when I do command
this pen in hand, I explode with no hint of any hesitation 
emotions are what power a poet to create their art
like the stench from a fart in summer heat, everyone notices me
I preach each word I devise to live past the expiration date on my life
My mind I possess, like a sharp knife; I caress and fines, fore I am a poet

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013



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