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Sunday, June 30, 2013

One More Chance


one more chance....
a tear now falling from my cheeks
without you in my vicinity, a pain that ruins me
no sleep, not at ease when I think of you & me
reminiscing on our once true unity now crumbling
this reality has me spinning ever so deeply
into unrest within my own mental consciousness
time now like a prison sentence when I think of you
give me one more shot.. one more chance to love you
this time i'll make it true, your silence only serves to pollute 
one more chance to simply romance you with these words 
I intend to entrance you with elegant beauty supplied lyrically 
I am an artist, your love my canvas to which I paint
you are my one and only fan label me Micheal Jackson 
 let me  moon walk upon your soul, release your pain
to me... All I require is more chance to please spiritually
don't turn your back to me as if I am only a memory
I know each of your features to which I label you unique
life spirals to maintain the very essence of life alive
from our own galaxy to which the universe provides
the very foundation of our very own lives... until we die
like a carousel ride that bounces to the vibes in our minds
we dream in the darkness at night until the heavenly sunrise 
don't let me awaken once again to my very own surprise
when your warmth isn't by my very side as I open my eyes
one more chance is all you need to give me to once again rise
intertwine my soul, body, and mind into your life 
be my pillar of might to submit my enemies into submission 
to which I give no forgiveness, no chance to repent
my mission is to get you and remain faithful.. yes true
with this pain like a stain forever ingrained now what remains?
never forget that life at any instance can be a  hard lesson to get
one more chance is what i'm stressing, now my only question is
Can I get a chance to relive, now more mature to cherish.... 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013



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