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Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Forbidden Dreams


My forbidden dreams never readily seen
limitless capabilities so I remain authentic... free
all I need is me, a pen, and a blank sheet  
my desires are to fly higher than all known boundaries
in the darkness of a dream, all is but a timeless mystery 
once you awaken back to this reality... all is but a memory
with use of my poetry, I unlocked what once was concealed
witness my soul as I reveal with lyrical steel the truth unseen
feel my emotions poetically like I was not afraid of any enemy
I scream with the desire that someone will one day hear me
witness these forbidden dreams in my entire entity clearly.. it's me
one mind like a sound unheard my thought patterns address the page
never build what is in your heart of hearts then erase.. to be eroded away
I am an eternal fire that burns, my desires I excrete like a turd (waste)
with the blood of my ink; I remain alive even if my heart ceases to beat
in my inner solitude I release multitudes of desires to a voiceless tune
chaining thoughts with poetic intent to simply vent my inner frustration
My forbidden dreams might be a taboo to you but in heart of truths
I voice my opinion clearly to avoid any confusion.. this is not an illusion
I am the topic of discussion; this is a cold war; call me a Russian
If you can't trust from within who can you really trust then?
me and my pen are forever bonded together until the very end
A marriage that needs no contractual agreement to exist 
my forbidden dreams are what makes this Poet clearly distinct

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013



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