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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally Free [Collab]

[Nick Ade The Poet]

Beauty in my eyes
Love on my mind
Lyrics projecting as I’m
Forever on my grind
Dreams I’m expecting
Negativity I’m rejecting
Friends I’m selecting
Enemies I’m embracing
Even if they hate me
The Clouds Is where I dwell
On the river of life Is where I sail
Fuck you is what I spell
Bless you is what I say
Cold are the days
Warm are the nights
Temptations I fight
its pull is persistent
yet my love is forever infinite
my right hand is gifted
my left is the is what I pass
the future is what I grasp
my bed is where I rest
my feet, I use to step
Sour is what I smoke
Smoke is what I blow
My destiny is where I go
Her arms is where I find hope
The true me, you’ll never know
Forever I remain Unknown
yet I am forever mintally free
finally I released my self from
the chains that once held me

[Anastasia Isabella Poetry]

The power of the unknown
May seem in explainable
Yet it is attainable
True love exists in this place of society
More than strands of time
I am not confined
Where I use to formerly hide
I know these temptations
I know them quite well
Where I cannot fight who I am
And feel as though I am entrapped underneath
This spell
This spell you see no longer has hold of me
I cannot be what others want me to be
All I can be is just me
No longer transverse under unwavering emotions
I am of this life
Floating high in the skies
I soar with the birds
High in the clouds where I float in
comfort of the sights and no longer fear what is next.
Where love finally says hello and meets pure destiny
Wrapped in the warm embrace that love casts upon me
I am no longer unknown I am finally free

Written By;
Nick Ade The Poet, & Anastasia Isabella Poetry © 2011


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