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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am more than what you see.

Nick Ade The Poet


If all you see is the image I bring
Then obviously you’ve never seen a thing
Feel the underlying emotions in my being
Written is the blueprint to my soul
If all you’ve ever known is what I’ve phyiscally shown
Then you’ll never really know the true story untold
Look deep within my flesh and bones
To know me by my true name, a name I’ve rarely told
Be careful not to get to close to who I am
You may witness the flawed imperfections
Of my many majestic perfections
Don’t dare to question my inner insanity
Question the insanity on Wall Street before you condemn me
I am simply a seed growing into what I am
I am more than what you see, less than what you know
Who I am is rarely shown, rarely told, rarely Known
But if all you’ve ever known is the cover I’ve shown
Then you are destined to say what has already been told
This world is cold without remorse for those
That have fallen to the abyss of hopelessness
Yet many have faced that same trial and tribulation
I wonder why few can embrace when we know
That you too have faced the cold feeling of hate
I know me more than any sum parts you see
I know myself better than what you interpret as being
I know who I am, What I am, What I can be
So if all you see is me, then obviously
you’ve yet to witness a thing….

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011


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