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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Darkness Calls Me

Darkness calls me often
Often tempting me towards my coffin
Often I am left to wonder if I can
Overcome my human temptations
Knowing what’s right but that would be like suicide
Because its hard to live without my addictions
Persistent is the Darkness a true enemy to me
yet it proclaims To be my friend indeed
until it takes everything away from me
I continue hurting my family to achieve
my goal of fulfilling this disease
often I fall to the might of darkness
submitting my soul of light to void
where no love, no life exists in sight
all I see is the night of the storm
so hope is word I may never adorn again
light is far from reach as the darkness
consumes my very being leaving torn
between what is right and what temps me
I love... yet I hate; maybe one day I will escape
Yet I know my very destination is No place to call home
My life without the addictions that subside the pain
Such a sickening way to maintain in this life
Darkness calls me from my place in the light
To give me a present to forever chase called temptation

Darkness calls me often
To a place far, far away
From my once humble domain
Deep are my dreams yet cold is my reality
Temptations, forever I remain chasing
What I need to maintain, sustaining my addiction
As I remain in a mental prison locked in chains
Darkness calls me often, I lay dead in my coffin
Yet still I stand alive only to reach for my vice
This isn’t life I live, no this is the darkness
And what it gives me is perpetual darkness
as I continue living a lie
Deep down inside I wish to live a better way
But today seems to be the same ol thing
Darkness often calls my very being to the Hell
I wish to never again see as I dream of actually living
Dying is my spirit left unconscious and incoherent
Lord do you hear my whimpering prayer
Left with so much despair but does anyone really care
Darkness is what I see all around me Forever
I remain chasing the temptations that maintain my being
Darkness often calls my very being….

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011



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