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Monday, December 5, 2011

I want to go Deep

I want to go so deep inside
until all you feel is my surprise
I want to feel you tight don’t worry
I can keep our little secret tonight
I want to love you forever & ever more
You’re the only girl I choose to adore
I want to explore your every curvature
Enchanted by your heavenly expansion
Outlasting the night until all we know
Is the morning sunrise that pierces our eyes
I want to know if you can go to world unknown
Just don’t leave me cold before I explode
Close the doors so no one will have to know
No judgment from me you’ll ever receive
For all I see is your elegant beauty
Masterfully taking control of my entire being
Until all I feel is complete ecstasy, this must be a dream
I want to feel no pain, only the memories of simplicity
As I professionally mold your body into my own
I want to be your one & only so never another could
Satisfy or replicate this satisfaction I’m about to give to you
This is a love that is forever true Or an illusion
filled with the lust I’m about to give to you
just don’t question the multitudes of feelings
I’m about to take you to cloud nine far from sight
Of the hardships of this troublesome life
I just want to go deep inside….

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011


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