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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Good Die Young [My Lyrics live on]

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[Nick Ade’ Poet]

They say the good die young
And that bad things happen for a reason
But no amount of words can ever stop the bleeding
Or the pain that I am currently feeling
As I expel my lyrical art to the world
slowly journeying through the sands of time
one day, one step at a time as I live my life
slowly turning the pages in my mind
attempting to find a much simpler time
away from all the stress and the strife in my life
but try as I may to rewind all my events
so that I may reminisce on my past,
forever I awaken from the night to another day
far from the dreams that I once embraced
but Oh how divine I become as I begin to intertwine
My dreams into this cold and lonely reality
Warmed by all the love I’ve received as I live
eternally through the lives I’ve touched on the page
I am a painter without a brush yet
the canvas is fill with imagination
witness the taste of my eternal lyrics as I continue
Articulating my lines hoping someone may feel
my every emotion as I define what’s on my mind
if it’s true that the good die young
Don’t shed a tear when it’s my time to run
For words will live on,
The good never die young they only live on

[Uvie Thy-Tempest]

I try to be good but i realize crime pays,
The good, the bad, the ugly,
the good go first even if we pray,
Knees locked, head bowed, soaked in thoughts,
My life flashed like a movie, or so it seems
The dark hood wearing killer
with death at it seams
The good die young, so the rot,
Its more than a saying, I’ve felt the cut,
My mind flipped the pages of the true good,
And all i saw was death in primes,
in my livelihood Then i knew i was due,
My livers shut; my kidneys shrunk, my heart struck,
The pain, tears came flooding in ripples,
Even my cave of poetry hunts me in quadruple,
I fear to write, poets are prophets,
So i run from them thoughts, my word puppets,
because Death has struck, one by one,
I have lost more loved ones, than love lost me,
My heart cringes at love,
because to love for me, is to be shot...
But i will live to breathe again,
I will hurt to heal again,
I'll ignore this seeping wound,
I will pick a pen to draw my end,
But don't weep nor cry, it’s a victory dealt,
because my footstep will be carved in the sands of time,
My words in hearts and minds, on the page I write
So even if in time i fall, I know I’ve lived,
been believed and Thy-Tempest the heroine still lives.

[Anthony Thomas Francoforte]

As I am,
I am always partially blind
I never really had full sight
until I saw the undeniable light
as I am here and now, I am that I am simply wanting
I want to be in love just as I am loved
I am simply a man and I feel the animal inside
Raging even as I fight no gloves in sight
Feeling as if I no chance to survive
But see me when I write,
I know I’ll forever remain alive

night and day, day and night
I gradually vent the pain inside
then delete it all before anyone can
see what’s truly on my mind
if you didn't get it well then
it wasn't meant for you to see
but believe me when I say I am eternal indeed
even if I’m surrounded by those that
could never fully understand me

time as an only option to pensive ,
our minds value the green and the red,
plastered is the blood of the dead
this life itself can get to your head
resisting the overwhelming
sensation to just say fuck it
sleeping while hungry, I hunger as I sleep
feeling as if nothing can replenish me
but maybe the lord can forgive me
and awaken me to my forgotten dreams
out of sight, out of mind so long
I’ve remained blind now I utilize
my spirit sending a message
that I will always be alive
even if the good die young
i’ll live on from the love I’ve been given

[F.j. Majesticpen Carter]

They say the good die young
And that love is an illusion
But my heart beat can feel
this insatiable constitution
building realms around pains
and pangs that shadows all delusions
As I procure the cure to heal with my
written elixir of healing distribution
Making silence loud enough to hear
without any words being spoken
Extinguishing concepts that says
that I can easily be broken
Though I continue to congeal
with lyrical plaster that keeps me unbroken
I beat the sunrise to refute the thoughts
that refrains me from fully coping
Hoping, that I am able to see through
the disturbance of a negative glimpse
that tries to shackle my wrists
so that I write with a silent fist
But no handcuffs can cease this ink’s apodictic
I avoid being sniped by anyone’s negative hit list
I felt the penetrations of constant critics
But it never impeded my options to grow within them
So if it’s true that the good die young
Don’t consider me a victim
Because I walked paths that appears religious
To capture the soul of the atheist
Who feels that the development of me no longer existed?

Written By;

Nick Ade The Poet, Uvie Thy-Tempest Omimi-Okoro,

Anthony Thomas Francoforte, & F.j. Majesticpen Carter

© 2011


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