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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Last of a Dying Breed


My poetic lines are crafted like a fine wine
Time unwinds as my words grow more divine
Erode away all my pains inside with words unspoken
I evoke what promotes mental and spiritual strokes
Rowe with me in my boat that floats upon poetic moats
the last of my kind expelling my poetic lines to your focus
yet who can mentally penetrate with the clarity I describe lyrically
I can’t dumb it down poetically so I sing my poetic melody with ease
Follow along with me on this artistic journey, don’t worry because
I write my lyrics that read with the simplicity of a classic Disney movie
Yet my lyrics reside in a higher frequency not measured mathematically
I flow like Drano in a sink unclogging everything until there’s nothing
I take pleasure in elevating with the deepest tokes my lungs can take
I release smoke that rises like a phoenix to the infinite skies above
Persistently writing poetry that breathes the life of my creative love
I physically stay in place as I fight the temptation to escape the grave
You must stay wide awake or your very soul could be taken away
The last of dying race, my breed is as rare as homemade cake
There was no way to escape, no place to vacate so I decided
To never erase a word away before I had the chance to make
Poetry that has the power to illuminate even the darkest mind state
But what am I really trying to say when words can only mediate
The emotions in my heart that have no words that dictate their existence?....

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013


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