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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stay Wide Awake


Stay wide awake every day and simply stack your cake in a safe
Take your mind away at night but keep your peripherals in place 
Your soul he may try to erase but he can’t take it away without your say
Just keep your life always in haste of the goal of safety somewhere far away
Watch the robber who always lays in wait at the entrance of the gates
Like a predator that silently stalks its prey but never pouncing to early
Or you may have a chance of getting away from his sharp, seeping fangs 
It’s always a whisper in my mind state; something that says; “Stay wide awake 
The predator is always searching for a way to take your soul away”.
The sky is always grey, it’s like this every day and this town is full of predators 
Who would do whatever it takes to consume all that you've made today
In the tall grass you’ll find him with his eyes locked on your thumping artery 
Beating like a drum that speaks louder than a screaming baby at the DMV
Stay wide awake in the day; never in a daze and never fall to deep asleep at night
 Because he comes from a place out of sight, out of mind like an unsolved crime 
Like a dream he is very hard to define even harder to remember with the passage of time 
He hides in plain sight so look in between the lines and you’ll be able to find what 
Others find by surprise; too late for a cry, like a storm that arises on a clear blue sky 
Unsuspecting is his nature, you’ll confuse him as a friendly neighbor or a preacher... maybe a teacher
He is truly a creature of destruction, his truest futures unclarified by the trickable eyes  
The key is to never sleep, never weep, just keep your mind on the journey ahead 
Never look back or you’ll find your flesh ripped to shreds behind the shed never seen again
The predator is an unlikely neighbor close by who dwells within the confines of the mind 
He has no semblance or understanding of time so he is as patient as it gets
just stay persistent  In the resistance of the enemy who comes at any instance 
from out the darkness or maybe in the light like Niccolo Machiavelli assassinating 
Everyone who is content, relaxing at ease by a park bench; he strikes like lighting 
quick and easy if you allow him the chance to consume your soul mentally….
The enemy is like a seed planted, a disease that grows upon your soul
And erodes all the life from your flesh and bones then leaving you alone
The enemy is doubt and uncertainty; truly he is a villain definitively so keep 
your mind focused indefinitely on your goals ahead, simply stack your bread
Stay wide awake in the day and never sleep too deep at night or your already dead.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013


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