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Monday, July 1, 2013

Poetic Intent


Circulating through these veins
A blood line possessed to stress
the limits of the alphabet through fingertips
Loose lips seem to constantly sink ships
information was misconstrued now lost friendships
yet my hands express in a much higher definition
now watch as you witness my superb penmanship
with this tool in my possession, I break all limits
more lethal than any weapon enemies may present 
I've been through many ruff & rugged experiences 
writing as my blood merges within the darkness in my ink 
crafting words with emotions I purge from my soul visually
I mentally imprint on the page with use of these lyrics
through my vivid spirit, No one shall remain incoherent
feel my intent with each stroke of my Godly pen into existence
with the force from my projection, clarification no longer needed
through the ink from my lines, I provide clarity to your eyes
dine on the table I set my words are the foundation for nourishment 
eternal life with no fear of erosion by the mighty sands of time
through my veins I stain existence whenever I write with poetic intent  

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013


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